2. Connecting to the VSWarehouseΒΆ

The first step to using VSWarehouse with VarSeq is setting VarSeq to talk to your VSWarehouse instance. This is completed through the VSWarehouse Manage Dialog in VarSeq.

  1. The VSWarehouse manage dialog can be opened by going to Tools > Manage VSWarehouse... (as noted in Figure 2-1).

    Open the VSWarehouse Manage Dialog

    Figure 2-1: The location of the Manage VSWarehouse Dialog

  2. The first time that you open this dialog it will provide a splash page with VSWarehouse information, and a URL bar Figure 2-2.

    Connect to VSWarehouse

    Figure 2-2: The VSWarehouse connection dialog the first time it is opened.

    Enter the URL of the warehouse demo server that you have been provide with. And click the Connect button. If the connection is successful the splash screen will be replaced with a view with four tabs Figure 2-3.

    VSWarehouse tabs

    Figure 2-3: The VSWarehouse Manage Dialog after a connection has been established.

  3. The Projects, Reports and Catalogs correspond to the three types of data that you can store on the warehouse. The Annotations tab allows you to add those three types of data as annotation sources. Cancer Gene Panel should be one of the projects listed in the Projects tab. This is an active project that represents all of the cancer data that we have seen so far for this gene panel.