15. Clinical Trials - Example 6 NRAS G12DΒΆ

Switch to sample NA12877-10-Horizon_S3 where you will see now the Patient Tab with the tissue type selection made for Skin-Melanoma

sample change

Figure 15-1: Patient Tab for sample NA12877-10-Horizon_S3.

Clicking on the Mutation Profile Tab, the biomarker under investigation is G12D missense variant in NRAS.

mutation profile tab

Figure 15-2: Mutation Profile Tab showing the G12D NRAS biomarker as oncogenic.

Moving to the Biomarkers Tab, the interpretations for NRAS and the G12D variant are prefilled from CancerKB for Melanoma. Focusing on the listed treatment options, this specific biomarker does not have matches for FDA-Approved therapies in DrugBank, nor PMKB, but does have multiple treatments found from CIViC with B - Level Evidence and a 5 star confidence score for Binimetinib.

NRAS G12D available treatments

Figure 15-3: NRAS G12D Melanoma treatment options listed from CIViC.

With the preferred treatments selected, this patient also wishes to find clinical trials near their new home in Australia. In the Drug & Trials tab, select to change Country to Australia.

NRAS Australia

Figure 15-4: Changing search location for clinical trials for patient’s home country.

There is now an updated list of trials in Australia with a match for the treatment Trametinib.

Trametinib trial

Figure 15-5: Tramentinib clinical trial in Australia

After clicking on Matching Trials, the Summary details list Trametinib as one drug being studied for any biomarkers in NRAS among other genes for lung cancer and melanoma.

Trametinib trial summary

Figure 15-6: Summary details for Trametinib clinical trial.

Selecting the Sites Tab, the patient could potentially enroll in two locations. One in Melbourne and another in Prahran.

Trametinib trial sites

Figure 15-7: Multiple enrollment sites for the Trametinib clinical trial

Now that we’ve covered how to change trial search locations, let us switch to our last sample and variant to show these new features in a final report.