12. Example 4 Fusion BCR-ABL1ΒΆ

For the last example, we are concerned mainly with trying to collect any drug sensitivity for the ABL1-BCR gene fusion, so scroll to the ABL1 Fusion with BCR Clinical Evidence section (or select the Clinical Evidence title in the sidebar).

clinical evidence link

Figure 12-1: Clinical Evidence quick link.

In the Drug Sensitivity table, make sure the Disease / Tissue Specific: filter is set to All.

ABL1-BCR clinical evidence

Figure 12-2: ABL1-BCR Fusion Clinical Evidence section.

From here, we can populate the Drug Sensitivity by selecting the second entry in the list for Dasatinib and selecting the plus sign next to the drug name in the Selected Clinical Evidence section.

ABL1-BCR fusion drug sensitivity

Figure 12-3: Adding to the Drug Sensitivity of the ABL1-BCR fusion example.

Make sure to select the Review & Save... button to save any changes to interpretations and classifications.

At this point, we have collected information on the markers of interest and completed our pathogenicity and oncogenicity scoring so we are ready to move on to the final report by selecting Report in the title bar.