11. Example 3 CNV ERBB2 Amplification

The next biomarker is a CNV amplification in the ERBB2 gene. Looking at this entry, the ERBB2 information has been switched to apply to the tumor type scope of “All Cancers”. Scrolling down to the ERBB2 Gene Summary section and expanding the ERBB2 Function and Descriptions: section shows multiple entries in the COSMIC database. These COSMIC entries have also been organized into categories like Function Summary, Role in Cancer, and Change of Cellular Energetics.

biomarkers summary example 3

Figure 11-1: The AMP Guidelines Biomarkers tab Summary section for Example 3.

It is also important to notice the multiple PubMed IDs shown in the Interpretation text box of the ERBB2 Gene Summary section. Since these PubMed IDs have been written in the format (PMID: 12345678), they have been automatically recognized and listed in the Inline References: array below the Interpretation text box. These PubMed IDs and titles will also be automatically included and populated in the final report.

biomarkers gene summary example 3

Figure 11-2: The AMP Guidelines Biomarkers tab Gene Summary section for Example 3.

Scroll down to the ERBB2 Amplification Clinical Evidence section and change the filter Disease / Tissue Specific: option to All to look at clinical evidence for this gene within all cancer tumor types. This brings in over 50 clinically relevant drug trial entries for this specific mutation in the ERBB2 gene covering all cancer types.

biomarkers clinical evidence example 3

Figure 11-3: The AMP Guidelines Biomarkers tab Clinical Evidence section for Example 3.

Data from this table can be used to populate the clinically relevant interpretation section for drug interactions which will be carried to the final report.

Next, we will examine the last biomarker by clicking on the 3 card at the top of the sidebar.