7. Variants TabΒΆ

The Variants tab is arranged with the different scoring and classification sections in the body of the tab, and a variant detail sidebar on the right side. The sidebar contains the variant position and identifiers on the top, the origin and report information as well as the current oncogenicity or pathogenicity score in the middle, and then a list of sections to easily navigate the body of the Variants tab below.

amp guidelines variant

Figure 7-1: The AMP Guidelines Variants tab.

The body of this page is setup to show the Scoring and Evidence Summary on the top, the classification recommendations below, the information section used to populate the report, and finally the rest of the page lists the different criteria used to reach the classification.

For this tutorial, we will first look at the RAF1 germline variant which was the second variant in the list. This variant can be selected by clicking on the number 2 card at the top of the sidebar on the right.

amp guidelines variant selection

Figure 7-2: The AMP Guidelines Variants tab variant selection.