4. Rearranging Views in VarSeqΒΆ

The goal for this step is to learn how to rearrange views and add views to the window. To do this we will delete the filter view add it back into the window, along with the details view.

  1. First, remove the Filter View by clicking on the “X” on the filter tab. You should be left with the table view. See Figure 4-1.

    Table View Only

    Figure 4-1: Removed the filter view.

  2. Click on the Hide/Show details window icon in the toolbar. See Figure 4-2.

    Stash Icons

    Figure 4-2: Variant Table with Details Window

    This will create a Detail view in the right side of the screen. You can click on the Hide/Show details window or the ‘Undock’ icon in the details window to hide the details view.

  3. Next, Hover over the upper left hand corner to get the stash icon for that corner. Right-click on this icon and select Filter. See Figure 4-3.

    Add Filter View

    Figure 4-3: Adding Filter View to upper right corner

    You should end up with a view like that in Figure 4-5. Note You can move any tab in VarSeq by dragging and dropping the tabs into target locations. See Figure 4-4.

    Three Pane View

    Figure 4-4: Desired view with Filter View on the left, Variant table in the middle, and the Detail View on the Right.