2. Create a New ProjectΒΆ

  1. First, open VarSeq. From the VarSeq welcome screen, you can either select an existing project or create a new project. See Figure 2-1.

    Welcome Screen

    Figure 2-1: VarSeq Welcome Screen

  2. Click on Create New Project, select Empty Project in the template list, and change the project name to Cancer Gene Panel Tutorial. Browse to the correct location to store your project, and then click OK. See Figure 2-2.

    Create new project

    Figure 2-2: Dialog for creating a new project

  3. After creating a new project VarSeq will open with a single view prompting you to import data. Click on Import Variants... to import the data provided for this tutorial. See Figure 2-3.

    Empty Project

    Figure 2-3: Empty VarSeq project waiting for data