4.5.9. Log View

The log view provides a detailed description of the actions taken in a project to aid in a project audit as well as to identify who made changes and when.

The log can be filtered using the menu on the upper left of the tab to restrict entries displayed to:

  • All: All entries in the log for the project from the time the project was first created.

  • Recent: All entries created in the selected time interval. Options include:

    • 1 Year: Entries from the last year

    • 1 Month: Entries from the last month

    • 1 Week: Entries from the last week

    • 1 Day: Entries from the last day

    • 1 Hour: Entries from the last hour

  • Range: Filter entries between a specified start date and time and an end date and time.

The log can also be filtered to a specific number of entries by typing in a value in the box on the right. The default is set to the last 100 entries. After changing the number of entries option, click on the refresh button to update the log.

Log View

The VarSeq Log View