3.6.3. GenomeBrowse View

The GenomeBrowse view contains an instance of GenomeBrowse embedded in VarSeq. Most of the features of GenomeBrowse in VarSeq are the same as in the stand-alone version, however, there are a few differences.

Saving Plots from a GenomeBrowse Window

Plots can be exported to several image formats.

When saving a plot, only non-hidden graphs in the GenomeBrowse window will appear in the output along with the optional currently visible Domain View plot.

Saving GenomeBrowse Plots to Image Formats

To save all visible plots to an image file, select File > Save As Image. This opens the Save As Image dialog which includes a preview of the image that will be saved as well as various options applicable to saving an image.

GB Save as Image

GenomeBrowse Save As Image dialog

  • Image Size: The current size of the plot window in pixels is displayed. The size is dependent on the original size of the GenomeBrowse window. To change the image size adjust the original GenomeBrowse window before launching the Save As Image dialog.

  • Preview of Image: A scaled view of the image to be saved is displayed in the dialog. Larger plots may take longer to draw, if the image has not finished drawing before Save is pressed an additional progress dialog will appear. Once the rendering of the image has finished the image will be saved.

  • Advanced Options

    • Domain View: The domain view plot is shown at the top of the image. This view can be shown by checking this box.

    • Margins: The top, bottom, left and right margins (in pixels) can be altered independently. Click the Unlock button to the right of the current selections and adjust the appropriate control box.

To save the image click Save. To cancel and return to the GenomeBrowse window, click Cancel. If an output file has not been selected, a reminder to choose an output file before proceeding will appear.