3.10. Variant Algorithms

VarSeq includes various algorithms to create new fields based on existing sources. All algorithms can be run by going to Add > Computed Data… from the File menu or the primary toolbar. See Navigating VarSeq.

Add Menu

Run various algorithms through this option

Algorithm Menu

List of available algorithms

These algorithms are classified into groups based on their domain and the grouping that is applied to the samples. The domains are Variants, Genes, and Samples. Three different sample groupings are defined for the Gene and Variant domains. The ‘Per Sample’ group will examine each sample individually and will create a new value for each gene or variant in the domain, for each sample. The ‘Per Trio’ group algorithms perform analysis like ‘Per Sample’ with the added context of a child, mother, and father. The Project/Cohort grouping examines all of the samples in aggregate, and will create a single value for each gene or variant in the domain.