Annotate Overlapping Regions

This algorithm annotates against regions in the selected source. This algorithm identifies regions that overlap corresponding regions in the annotation source.


An annotation source to use for annotating the regions or variants.


The user may specify the following options:

  • Minimum similarity coefficient: The minimum similarity coefficient required to match a region.


The output includes columns for the selected source. If multiple features match the CNV then the results will be joined together in a list for each field. If a CNV does not have an overlapping feature the fields will be filled in with missing values.

The following additional fields are also included in the output:

  • # Matched: The number of events overlapping this region.
  • Region: The genomic position of the region.
  • Similarity Coefficient: The similarity of the two overlapping regions, defined as the size of the intersection divided by the size of the union, also known as the Jaccard index.