Welcome to the Regression with Covariates Tutorial!ΒΆ


Updated: December 12, 2018

Level: Intermediate

Version: 8.8.3 or higher

Packages: SNP Analysis, CNV Analysis, RNA-Seq Analysis, Power Seat

This tutorial provides an in-depth look at the SVS 8 Regression Module. It will cover controlling for confounding variables, model comparison, and regression on interactions. The spreadsheet of genotypic data included in the project file contains PCA-corrected numeric SNP columns for an additive model. The phenotype information is simulated.

If you are interested in learning how to set up a linear regression model, please read our blog post on the topic. (But note that now, contrary to what this blog post says, regression analysis in SVS may also be performed directly on genotypic spreadsheet columns.)


To complete this tutorial you will need to download and unzip the following file, which includes a Golden Helix Project File.

File included in the above ZIP file:

Regression_Tutorial - SVS Project file containing mapped genotype information and a phenotype spreadsheet.

We hope you enjoy the experience and look forward to your feedback.