2.13. Methods for Mixed Linear Model AnalysisΒΆ


The mixed linear model analysis tools are powerful utilities to not only perform a regression analysis on genotypic data while correcting for cryptic relatedness and pedigree structure, but also provide an estimation of random effects related to genotypic data.

These tools include the following utilities:

Each of these tools creates and finds a solution to, or at least an approximate solution to, one or more sets of mixed linear model (MLM) equations.

Additionally, there is a supplemental utility that may be used with any mixed-model tool:

  • Compute the GBLUP Genomic Relationship Matrix (Genotype > Quality Assurance > GBLUP Genomic Relationship Matrix)

Please see Mixed Linear Model Analysis, Genomic Best Linear Unbiased Predictors Analysis, and Separately Computing the Genomic Relationship Matrix below for further details on these tools.

For cross validation of genomic prediction methods, K-Fold Cross Validation is available. See K-Fold Cross Validation.

This chapter contains the following sections: