Welcome to the Regression with Covariates Tutorial!ΒΆ


Updated: March 6th, 2014

Level: Intermediate

Packages: SNP Analysis, CNV Analysis, RNA-Seq Analysis, Power Seat

This tutorial provides an in-depth look at the SVS 8 Regression Module. It will cover controlling for confounding variables, model comparison, and stepwise regression. The genotype spreadsheet included in the project file contains PCA-corrected numeric SNP columns for an additive model. The phenotype information is simulated.

If you are interested in learning how to set up a linear regression model, please read our blog post on the topic.


To complete this tutorial you will need to download and unzip the following file, which includes a Golden Helix Project File.

File included in the above ZIP file:

Regression_Tutorial - SVS Project file containing mapped genotype information and a phenotype spreadsheet.

We hope you enjoy the experience and look forward to your feedback.